Eng. Samir Helmy Hammam

Founder of HCH Supply

All the successes and achievements of HCH Supply have to attribute to Eng. Samir Helmy Hammam. Back in 1974, after gaining rich expertise in the field of engineering products and servicing, he founded one of the leading firms in Egypt.
His education in the London School of Engineering and his working experiences triggered the growth of HCH Supply. The confidence he succeeded to build with international corporations motivated renowned engineering providers to grant HCH to become a distributor in Egypt. With time passing by, HCH became a prominent corporation that customers are proud and satisfied to deal with. Hammam passed away in 2014, leaving an iconic organization for generations and generations to come.

Dr. Karim Greiss


With rich distinctive education including the Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from New York University and PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin, Greiss is one of the most renowned experts in the field of engineering solutions.
He established Futuralabs Group that compromised several companies that were focused on the production of high added value food ingredients. He is also a board member of many reputable organizations like Sonut, Corona and Behman Hospital.
Greiss played a significant role in the restructuring of HCH Supply after he became the Chairman. He managed to sustain growth and success in one of the leading engineering solutions providers in the history of Egypt.

Mr. Mohamed Hammam

Chief Executive Officer

With rich experiences in financial services, securities brokerage, asset management and operation management, Mohamed Hammam worked in various large corporations serving in different positions. He worked as the Head of Fund Operations & Administration in EFG HERMES, Chief Operating Officer in Osool, and the Managing Director of Sigma Capital Securities.
Project management is among the most powerful skills of Mr. Hammam. He professionalizes in the implementation of various successful strategies to accomplish impressive results and achievements.
As the CEO of HCH Supply, he led the strategic directions of the corporation towards more successes. With more exclusive deals with renowned suppliers, Hammam is planning to expand the business of HCH Supply in other regions and to penetrate other sectors as well.