About HCH Supply

For more than 45 years, HCH Supply Co. has been dominating the scene providing the finest engineering solutions in the Egyptian market. We offer a wide scope of comprehensive services to various corporations which we consider our partners of success as their achievements reflect our professionalism and excellence. We take pride to be fulfilling the needs of several leading corporations working in oil, gas, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors.
Established in 1974 by Eng. Samir Helmy Hammam, over our long distinctive history serving the needs of the Egyptian market, we managed to enrich our experiences, skills, and expertise. HCH Supply today is an organization that provides the best services to its clients and a great sense of pride and affiliation to the employees. HCH Supply grew over the years to become the best and first choice for all our clients.
We succeeded over the years to keep pace with the evolving market and industry though the continuous quest to enhance each product we offer and every service we provide. Leading the market in terms of the best world-class engineering products and services was always challenging. However, we managed to compile all features required to outshine in every outstanding solution we offer.
We consider our clients as our partners of success. We build a long-term relationship of trust, mutual understanding, and joint achievements. We begin the process through forming a collaborative working team that strives to fulfill the needs of our clients to achieve more and more successes every day.
HCH Supply pioneered to introduce some of the distinctive internationally renowned products to the Egyptian market for the first time. The list includes Waukesha gas engines as we own a market share of over 80% of reciprocating gas engines in Egypt.
We take pride to be the sole distributer of some of the most outstanding engineering solutions all over the world in Egypt. Our continuously enhanced list of exclusive products we offer to the Egyptian market include Waukesha Gas Engines and Atlas Copco Diesel Generators and Lighting Towers and one of the main distributors of 3M Filtration Products, GE Industrial Solutions (ABB), and Magna Welding Alloys.
We tend to build everlasting relationships with all stakeholders including suppliers, clients, and employees. Our ultimate objective is to create a family that is seeking more and more successes every day. We believe that these strong relations of perpetual and synergetic partnerships represent the most valuable assets of our corporation. Mutual confidence, respect, integrity, honesty, and professionalism are the best traits of our daily activities.
We do not only tend to sell products or services; we are simply there for our clients whenever they require our help at any stage. We offer the most reliable maintenance and after-sales services in the market. HCH supports periodical check-ups on all products and solutions provided from all over the globe.
Most engineering solutions providers focus on their products. Although HCH Supply tends to give special emphasis on the products, we believe that the core of our business revolve around the needs of our clients and how to fulfill them in the most effective manner. This is one of the key pillars of all the successes HCH managed to accomplish. We are pleased to brag that we are the pioneers today in terms of offering the most efficient, cost saving, and finest engineering solutions in Egypt.
The quest to continue enhancing every stage of our activities never stops. We are always traveling the world looking for the latest technologies to provide them to our partners of success in Egypt. We tend to penetrate new markets in Africa offering unprecedented services and solutions. We seek to increase our partners of success at every stage and welcome collaborating with more suppliers and clients.